Terrestar Solutions Selects Etiya to Bridge Connectivity Gap for All Canadians

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MONTREAL, June 4, 2024 /CNW/ - Terrestar Solutions, a Montreal-based mobile satellite operator, is proud to announce its selection of Etiya, a world-leading software company with offices in Montreal, QC, Canada, to help bridge the connectivity gap for all Canadians. As the only Canadian operator engaged in the race to bring seamless, affordable direct-to-mobile satellite communication services, Terrestar is leading the charge in connecting everyday devices, including smartphones and Internet of Things (IoT) devices, everywhere in Canada as a complement to cellular networks. This announcement underscores Terrestar's commitment to advancing connectivity for all Canadians.

"We are excited to support Terrestar's bold vision. Together, we will build a future that enhances the lives of Canadians and revolutionizes communication," said Aslan Doğan, CEO of Etiya. "Through this partnership, Terrestar and Etiya aim to establish a robust infrastructure for seamless communication throughout Canada. This infrastructure will connect users at all times and accelerate future digital transformations."

"This collaboration with Etiya marks a major milestone for Terrestar and our promise to bring cellular mobile connectivity everywhere," said Jacques Leduc, President and Chief Executive Officer of Terrestar. "We are committed to ensuring that every Canadian, no matter where they are, has access to reliable and seamless communication services. We anticipate the commercialization of this service in Canada as early as this year, facilitated by strategic partnerships with domestic mobile network operators."

Terrestar distinguishes itself from competitors through several key assets. These include sole ownership of the Canadian capacity of the geostationary EchoStar T1 satellite, as well as licences for S spectrum granted by the Canadian government, coupled with robust terrestrial infrastructure. Furthermore, Terrestar has forged strategic partnerships over the years to pioneer an innovative, open network architecture platform, aligned with the internationally adopted 3GPP standard, facilitating seamless integration between cellular and satellite networks.

Source: Terrestar Solutions