Etiya Cloud-Native Digital BSS Powers Videotron’s Helix TV and Internet Service Launch in 9 Months


Etiya, the leading Independent Software Vendor, today announced that its cloud-native Digital Business Platform business support systems (BSS) solutions were implemented in nine months to launch Videotron’s Helix TV and Internet service.

Helix is a multi-device TV and Internet platform service that replaces Videotron’s legacy TV and Internet service. Helix allows users to use voice commands to search an integrated TV content catalog from multiple sources, like regulated TV and premium channels, YouTube, Netflix, and Club Illico (Videotron’s streaming service). Helix uses a hybrid cloud architecture that includes a 100% digital BSS supplied by Etiya

The new TV and Internet service went from a blank page to complete implementation in nine months. At the heart of this success were Etiya’s Digital Business Platform, a cloud-native full stack that is pre-integrated into partner solutions, and Videotron’s major enterprise architecture project. Etiya’s Digital Business Platform enables fast and effective transformations. It is AI-driven and cloud-based, which minimizes CapEx, enables fast implementation, and scales easily.

All Etiya’s customer relationship management (CRM), product catalog, order management, billing, customer management, and API gateway are on AWS for Helix. The service also incorporates components of Etiya’s AI data analytics capabilities.

“We are very proud that our ground-breaking AI-driven digital BSS helped launch Videotron’s state-of-the-art TV service,” said Aslan Dogan, CEO of Etiya. “The BSS stack is designed for omnichannel from the ground-up, meaning there are CSR services and brick-and-mortar stores as well as the web and mobile to sell, buy, and support Helix Internet and TV.”

Etiya specializes in service provider digital transformations that prioritize the digital customer’s experience. Its digital BSS solution also enables operators to take a “clean break” from existing systems, processes, and culture by setting up digital brands that target digital-savvy customers.

The Videotron and Etiya Helix implementation has been selected as a Nominee for TM Forum’s Excellence Awards in the Beyond Connectivity category for their entry – “Yes! Digital Transformation plus 100% Cloud BSS for Helix”.