The voluntary software support to Ahbap Association from Etiya

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Etiya, a leading software company, has undertaken the software development processes for the digital platforms of Ahbap Association.

Exporting its AI-Driven portfolio all over the world, Etiya entered into a cooperation agreement with Ahbap Association, which is a cooperation-based movement that seeks sustainable solutions to all kinds of problems in society, founded by Haluk Levent in 2017. According to the agreement, all software developments that are intended to be realized in the current digital platforms of Ahbap will be provided by Etiya on a voluntary basis.

Making evaluations on the subject, Aslan Doğan, the Founding Partner and CEO of Etiya, says: “In this social awareness period we are living in, technology and digital transformation are among the most powerful instruments we have to spread the goodness. In this regard, there are very important duties and responsibilities that we all have to undertake. Accordingly, we wanted to mobilize the technology infrastructure that we export all over the world and all our know-how in this field for Ahbap, and to stand by them. Ahbap, which is leading many social projects in Turkey, also makes great contributions to the improvement of civil society in our country. Together with all our employees that take part in this project voluntarily, we are taking great pride in supporting the social development of our country through this cooperation. Sympathy underlies the foundation of this solidarity that is on a voluntary basis. There are many non-governmental organizations both in our country and abroad, which exert efforts for the solution of the problems related to wildlife, the environment, children, women, and humanitarian aid. These NGOs, in fact, aim for a better world for all of us through their works. We wanted to increase the cooperation with these organizations, with which we share the same feelings, to endeavor for the common dream, and, in brief, to concretize the sympathy bond. This cooperation was realized based on the voluntariness of Etiya’s employees, so I want to express my gratitude to all my colleagues. This is not just support, we want to lead a country-wide movement together. Following the announcement of our cooperation, hereby I want to make an explicit call for all companies in our industry to support NGOs. As much as we spread the voluntariness and kindness in this country, we will have a brighter future”.

Haluk Levent, the Founder and General Manager of Ahbap Association, commented on this cooperation, saying: “Today Ahbap touches millions of lives with its social solidarity philosophy. The support provided to us by Etiya is invaluable for our foundation’s digital future, and thus, prospective sustainability, while it is also a movement that will raise corporate awareness in our country. They became involved in our platform with all their employees and workforce. Afterward, we will accelerate the digitalization of Ahbap altogether, and hereby I want to express my gratitude to them.”