Diversity & Inclusion

“Everyone everywhere is unique and important to us”

We believe that diverse and inclusive work culture triggers creativity, innovation and high performance and improves and strengthens us.

As a company that operates on a global basis, we bring together diverse and inclusive teams just like we do so for products, solutions and services we offer for customers.

We provide each employee with equal opportunities at work, and treat them fairly regardless of their nationality, religion, age, gender, sexual orientation and disability. In addition, we attach weight to different modes and perspectives and encourage our employees to go beyond their potential under our principle that considers differences as an asset.

We are aware of the fact that each employee directly makes contribution to the diversity and growth of Etiya no matter what his/her qualities are.

Gender Equality

We prioritize and promote gender equality in economic and social life. We strike a balance between men and women in the company. With around 40% of our employees, our female employment rate is higher than the average of the sector.

We strive to increase the number of female employees through in-house initiatives and support our current female employees. As a part of our initiative, titled "Mother Coaching", we bring together the female employee, who got back to work after her maternity leave and the experienced female, in order for her to share her experience. This enables us to foster the adaptation of female employees to work following a maternity leave.

Cultural Diversity

We have a multicultural structure with an increasing number of employees all around the world. We believe that different cultural perspectives inspire creativity and innovation and boost international business development and productivity.

In an attempt to sustain our diversity, we create an inclusive environment that promotes differences, open communication and sharing.

Age Diversity

We are a company that employs a young group of people on one hand and houses all generations on the other. We offer create a repository by managing perspectives and experiences of different generations.

We create an environment to strengthen the relations between employees from different age groups and help them make use of each other's perspectives and experiences. As a part of our reverse mentoring program, named "ReFresh", our young employees offer guidance to our executives. This helps strengthening the relations between generations, enables employees to understand executives better and vice versa, and come up with strategies that respond to the needs of the young generation.