Customer Engagement Hub (CEH) – A Key For Unique Customer Interaction

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2017-10-10 Etiya Marketting

In today’s growing new business era, ‘customer’ and ‘digital’ are clearly inseparable. Mobility is the convergence center of new customer journey and messaging is the common way of customer communication in all channels. Mass has already ended. It is clear that every customer and his/her experience is unique.

Game changer enterprises are pioneers of this digital customer evolution. CMOs have already revised offer and communication strategies. Now their primary consideration is how to optimize customer interactions for the next best action, otherwise they will lose market share for sure. This is a real challenge and CIOs should put themselves in CMOs’ shoes. Thus, enterprise IT evolution progress is at the edge of another critical shift: re-evaluation of existing CRM applications, i.e. a new framework enabling personalized and contextual customer engagement in all touchpoints with all interaction channels. 

Gartner is addressing this important architectural framework through Customer Engagement Hub (CEH). CEH can be considered as a theoretical concept for now and it is not far from realization. CEH will deliver a consistent, orchestrated, omnichannel customer experience.

Two important question are

CRM vendors ready to launch CEH
Understanding of CEH evolved

The common answer is Yes. Not all but a few leading CRM vendors have announced that they are ready to launch CEH, others in progress. 2018 will be the year of CEH launches in the market, possibly starting from CSPs. 

The critical evolvement to CEH is its outstanding learning aspects. In addition to data driven rule based systems, interactive AI customer analytics is an inseparable part of CEH. AI leverage on CEH will ensure extensive contextual experience than ever before. 

CEH will be a permanent solution for irrelevant recommendations and an overwhelming number of purchasing offers despite consumers’ positive attitude toward personalized product offerings.

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