Evolution of Telco centered Business Ecosystem with 5G Networks

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2019-10-02 Etiya Marketting

The sequential industrial revolutions over the last two centuries have changed our understanding of doing business. Sectoral developments centered around these revolutions have reshaped overall economic environment.

The focus of the fourth Industrial Revolution is the virtual/cyber world. Many new concepts such as autonomous systems, IoT, and big data have been introduced in the last two decades. However, these concepts have not yet been fully implemented.

At this point, we can say that 5G networks will be a complementary part of the 4th Industrial Revolution. We are on the edge of a new era in which the telecommunication sector will occupy the center of the economy, where the concepts mentioned above will enter our lives in a real sense and the ways of doing business will change radically.

Although the final 5G framework will be determined by regulatory boards, after it is implemented the main role of operators will be to provide powerful B2B and B2B2X ecosystems, far beyond being solely network providers. This means a new way of doing business, not only for operators but for all industries throughout the entire economy.

There are two outstanding criteria in this transformation that will affect the overall structure: the quality of the 5G network and the processes over the 5G ecosystem. Operators have gained a lot of experience with both criteria. We can say that the developments in the telecommunication sector, the leading industry of digital transformation during the last decade, are an indicator of what we will experience with 5G.

Thanks to 5G technology, operators will have the opportunity to provide network-level services beyond the usual offerings. 5G slicing stands out from all these services by providing a wide range of user cases that can be tailored to any industry.

Network slicing is the ability to establish virtual networks to serve different purposes/customers on the same physical structure. Prior to 5G, mobile networks had limited manual configurative customization abilities. For this reason, we can say that all services and business models cannot be fully integrated both commercially and technically.

Network slicing will be a very important power for operators, namely, ability to customize experience at network level. Of course, this must be constructed and presented correctly. We know that the right design of the customer journey and customized experience are the sine qua non of transformation.

We also know that organizations will use network slicing if and only if they can fully reflect the experience they have designed for their customers.

At Etiya, we have concentrated our efforts on this point. With network slicing, we have developed solutions that enable all the new network features to provide customized experience in both B2X and B2B2X business models.

Our starting point is that operators can offer their 5G network capabilities through all channels so that their customers can easily buy and manage them.

For this purpose, we have developed a very sophisticated and easy-to-use solution. First, we developed a dedicated UX-driven frontend for the customer portal. The portal is empowered by Etiya's comprehensive BSS structures, including CRM, CPQ, Product Catalogue, Billing, Order Management systems. In this way, all network-based service expectations of users can be realized end-to-end and effectively. Thanks to our omnichannel structure, the experience level is the same in every channel.

In line with the changing role of the operators as mentioned above, we have positioned Customer/Partner Ecosystem management modules as an integral part of this solution, where B2B and B2B2X business models can be fully managed.

When we evaluate the solution as a whole, we can ensure that the 5G network capabilities—where our starting point is at the heart of the operator's business models—can be fully presented to the end user with a customized experience. This enables operators to offer network slicing with a strong value proposition to all users, regardless of industry or service.

Together with the operators, Etiya aims to shape a future where the telecommunications sector is at the center of the economy. As Etiya, we believe that our network slicing solution will help leverage operators while performing such a transformation.

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