Key CX Requirements of B2C Customers that Digital Transformation will Address

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2023-03-28 Etiya Marketing
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In recent years, technological advancements have completely overhauled our expectations around how we use communications services. Hundreds of millions of connected customers now have a ‘digital lifestyle’ that requires connectivity on a daily basis – whether it’s accessing the internet or mobile apps, e-commerce, online self-service, social media channels, or the metaverse.

However, the speed at which these changes arrive can make it hard for CSPs to keep up with customers’ ever-changing requirements, with many still using inflexible legacy stacks. Digital transformation is therefore the only way for them to modernize their business support systems. Upgrading to a sustainable, future-proof digital BSS will allow them to satisfy customer needs as they evolve, thereby ensuring excellent customer experience.

As a first step, it is crucial for CSPs to both know and anticipate their customers’ needs so that they know what to prioritize in order to remain competitive, meet upcoming market demands, and ensure future growth for their business.

So, what are the key CX requirements that CSPs should be aware of when embarking on a transformation journey?

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