On Demand Webinar: Taking a Cloud Native Approach to Customer experience

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2021-03-11 Etiya Marketting
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77% of CSP’s plan to run at least one system in the cloud this year. The Telecom industry has been talking about the shift to the cloud for over 5 years. Operators need for applications to be cloud-native to get the most out of the transition to the cloud and customer-facing operations are a good starting. In our TM Forum joint webinar, we are looking at some challenges and approaches being taken during CX transitions.

Also, Etiya CCO Apostolos Kallis is sharing Etiya's experience and approach to migrating customer-facing systems to cloud, during this webinar.

Watch our TM Forum joint, on-demand webinar to explore:

*How operators are rolling out their CX transitions to cloud-native architectures
*What CX components would move, and how the migration will be sequenced and managed
*What’s worked and what has not, and what they plan to do next

Apostolos Kallis - Chief Commercial Officer, Etiya
Edward Finegold - Contributing Analyst, TM Forum

Watch the webinar

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