Report: Taking a Cloud Native Approach to Customer Experience

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IT applications that support customer experience (CX) are transitioning to cloud native technology, culture and ways of working. More than 80% of communications service provider (CSP) respondents surveyed by TM Forum in 2020 said they plan to move at least half of their CX IT estate to the cloud within three years. There have now been enough successful CX transformations all round the world for the industry to develop a wealth of best
practices, well-defined Open APIs, and common success factors that hold true across geographies, service provider groups and lines of business.

Read this report written by TM Forum to understand:

•    The most common success factors that are driving CX transformation for CSPs around the globe
•    The difference between cloud-based and cloud native applications
•    How TM Forum standards and best practices can help CSPs accelerate the benefits of cloud native operations
•    How companies like Axiata, stc, Three Ireland, Vidéotron, Vodafone UK and Vodafone New Zealand are using these assets to transform customer experience and save money
•    How cloud native technology and culture is succeeding in public clouds and on-premises
•    How CSPs can encourage suppliers to engage in partner ecosystems for rapid innovation

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Author: Ed Finegold
Contributing Analyst, TM Forum

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