Providing a satisfying customer experience has become the center of the entire strategy for most of the companies. Hence, it has become necessary to have a strong customer service to solve the problems of the customers fast and effectively and ensure customer loyalty and happiness with the brand. 

Chatbot is AI supported software that simulates human conversation and can have real conversations. Chatbots are considered the future of customer service and management.  Chatbots can handle lots of customer queries, scale up operations and drive up organizational efficiency.

Etiya Chatbot is an autonomous, real time messaging tool supported by  AI allowing seamless customer management, can be easily implemented to all digital channels.

Etiya Chatbot is designed to optimize the use of organizational and operational resources while increasing internal/external customer satisfaction.

Etiya enables a fully integrated experience by easily integrating to all systems with its one of a kind artificial intelligence expertise and unique Turkish, English, French and Spanish Natural Language Processing features. 

Etiya Chatbot reduces operational costs of customer care by automizing routine demands of the customers, while enables customers to save their time via quick responses. It enables 7 days 24 hours continuous and high quality service,  with no dependency on human experience.

Etiya Chatbot Features

    • Algorithm-based or AI-supported platforms
    • Real-time processing
    • Easy integration to all internal/external customer systems, easy data flow from all customer systems
    • AI-supported Turkish, English, French Natural Language Processing and sentiment analysis capability
    • Ability to process large amount of customer data via AI-supported prediction and recommendation capabilities 
    • Directing ongoing enquiries to live customer representatives


  • Rule-Based Chatbot

    What It Is?
    Rule-based messaging

    How It Works? 
    Provides short and automatic replies for frequently asked questions

    What For? 
    Multiple choices questions

  • AI-Supported Chatbot

    What It Is?
    AI-supported messaging 

    How It Works?
    Provides AI supported customized messaging based on data and information received from all systems and channels. 

    What For?

    Call center resource optimization

  • Live Support Chatbot

    What It Is?
    AI and customer agent supported messaging

    How It Works?
    During the conversation, it makes instant communication possible to the customer agent immediately when necessary

    What For?
    Effective handling of ongoing purchasing issues and customer complaints

  • ETIYA Chatbot Capabilities
    • Operational and Organizational resource optimization
    • Customer acquisitions acceleration 
    • Detailed performance management through analysis and reporting capabilities
    • Reducing possible risks occurring due to lack of sufficient training, and employee experience that affect service quality 
    • Easily customizable messaging tools and Chatbot
    • Service process management with zero-error
    • Artificial intelligence and NLP supported 24/7 customized service
    • Personalized customer experience design
  • Industry Based ETIYA Chatbot

    Etiya Chatbot provides an experience-driven solution with suitable usecase scenarios for every industry and business.

    Enables shopping via corporate messaging screens and personalized offers when needed. Provides Before/ after sales support by instant messaging.

    Provides quick response to patients’ questions and needs about healthcare process and enables quick booking process.

    Enables real-time interaction for appointment and monitoring process of sales, rental and service operations by NLP capability.

    Provides experience driven quick, qualified and standardized response management and a new digital sales channel for the business’ especially for banking and insurance sectors.

    Enables customer satisfaction driven trip planning and monitoring experience by providing quick respond and booking services for accommodation and transportation process’.

    Provides quick respond and guidance for frequently asked questions of the employee to HR, IT and Help Desk departments.


Will the chatbot be a game changer in the customer experience?



2019 and The Changing Concept of Transformation

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