Digital transformation is inevitable to survive in the new digital economy. Large-scale digital transformation projects are expensive and risky and may take years to complete. Meanwhile, agile competitors are eroding your market share. Speed to digitalization is imperative.

Etiya Digital Business Platforms are agile, end-to-end, full-stack, fully virtualized digital platforms that are driven by Artificial Intelligence (AI). Digital Business Platforms are cloud-native, full stack platforms that are pre-integrated into partner solutions and includes all Etiya's customer relationship management (CRM), omnichannel digital frontend, CPQ, product catalog, order management, billing and charging, customer management and API gateways.

They can be implemented in parallel to comprehensive transformation projects so you can be 100% digital fast, sell a wide range of new content and services, quickly try new business models, or enter new markets.

Etiya real-time, automated digital platforms use microservices to speed time-to-market for new products and enable easy experimentation with new business models and service concepts.
Etiya incorporates innovative AI technologies, including natural language processing (NLP) techniques and predictive analytics, in its platform to help companies transform their businesses and reduce costs.

Since the platforms use a modular, API-driven architecture, companies can select which platform components they want and add new solutions as needed. This enables a faster, cost-effective digital transformation.


    • Become 100% digital fast with low risk, at a fraction of current BSS costs
    • Start generating revenue from digital services right away
    • Quickly try new business models and service concepts or enter new markets
    • Engender loyalty and differentiation with personalization and communities of interest
    • Shape the customer’s engagement journey in real-time with autonomous learning, algorithm-driven technologies, and sentiment analysis
    • Generate in-context business insights
    • Enable powerful automation and operational efficiencies on a massive scale
  • Contains 3 Layers

    ■ Digital Experience: This customer experience layer enables consistent omnichannel, real-time interaction with customers to provide AI-driven self-care, customer experience, and content management.

    ■ Digital Engagement: This layer uses AI to provide personalized customer engagement with relevant, real-time offers and contextual marketing that increase marketing efficiency and customer loyalty. The layer also provides service activation, next-best-offer management, real-time campaign management, and real-time notifications.

    ■ Digital Enablement: This real-time engine contains digital BSS functions such as real-time charging, policy management, billing, digital mediation, and partner management. New solutions can be developed quickly with a library of microservices.

  • Runs on AWS

    AWS is a subsidiary of Amazon that provides on-demand cloud computing platforms. Etiya and AWS have a strategic partnership that aims to accelerate the transformation of BSS to all-digital BSS and also enable operators to set up greenfield digital brands that are radically different from their existing brands, in a very short time.

    Etiya’s cloud-native BSS stacks are hosted in the public cloud on AWS, which offers several advantages, such as better scalability, support, and operations; simplification of deployment, maintenance; on-demand resources for simplified capacity planning; and a shift from capital costs to operational costs (which also means infrastructure cost savings of 20% over a comparable on-premise deployment). 

    Etiya’s customer-facing solutions have an even better functionality when running on AWS than if used as on-premises solutions. AWS certified professionals across Etiya and the collaborative partnership with AWS enable companies to generate competitive opportunities, new services and customer experiences along their cloud journey.

  • Reduces Traditional Transformation Costs

    Etiya Digital Business Platforms, unlike traditional BSS, creates value for your business, they are not only providing technical capability, but they enable customers to get digital ready fast and reduce traditional BSS costs.

    Etiya’s Digital Business Platform provides the infrastructure to create an all-digital customer experience. Its AI-driven capabilities enable the personalization and flexibility demanded by Connected Customers. And its Cloud-compatible implementation significantly reduces up-front CapEx, enables fast implementation and scales easily, so the costs grow as the business grows.

    •    Quickly provide a digital experience
    •    Minimize costs and disruption to IT change processes
    •    Enable faster time to profit
    •    Provide the flexibility to easily embrace new ways of doing business


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